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Why Hire an Investment Advisor?

  1. We are not fulfilling our fiduciary duty by continuing with a zero risk tolerance investment strategy.
  2. We lack the expertise internally to make investment decisions in a complex and volatile market.
  3. We lack the time and focus necessary to perform the due diligence and to gain the investment intelligence needed for sound decision making.
  4. We need to remove emotion and procrastination from investment decision making.
  5. We need assistance in successfully managing risk.
  6. As a fiduciary, we need a mechanism for limiting our liability for losses.
  7. We need assistance in developing a prudent and comprehensive investment strategy and policies to successfully implement our strategy.
  8. The Prudent Man Rule:

As stated in the Prudent Man Rule, found in ERISA Section 404(a)(1)(B), fiduciaries must act:

…with the care, skill, prudence and diligence, under the circumstances then prevailing, that a prudent person acting in a like capacity and familiar with such matters would use in the conduct of an enterprise of a like character and with like aims. 

  1. The Prudent Process
    • The duty to investigate;
    • The duty to maintain records; and
    • The duty to obtain expert assistance where necessary.

These three steps lead to the required outcome: An informed and reasoned decision.